2008 Eastern Missouri
Ultra Series (EMUS)

In 2005, the St. Louis Ultrarunners Group was proud to announce a new race series focusing on ultra events in the Eastern Missouri region. It was an exciting year as folks slugged it out on the trails and pavement. 2006 saw the return of the EMUS series, this time with three races instead of four. The Double Chubb got things off on the right foot and the competition was hot along with the weather at Berryman! Flatlanders saw the endgame where this year's final standings were decided. Congrats to all!

The 2008 EMUS series returns with four races: Double Chubb, Berryman, and Flatlanders, and Frankenstein Marathon/Spirit of the Osage 50K.

2008 Standings

2007 Final Standings

2007 Winners


Open Kathleen Yarger
Masters Gwen Heist-Hall
Senior Robin Kokjohn
Grand Master Joyce Yarger


Open Matt Tilley
Master John Quick
Senior Don Frichtl
Grand Master Al Maiuro

2006 EMUS Winners


Open Brian Kuhn

Masters Don Frichtl
Senior Jerry Frost
Grandmaster George Powell


Open Christine Crawford
Master Iva Lightsey
Senior Raz Estridge
Grandmaster Joyce Yarger

2005 final EMUS results and overall standings.














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